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While Bonita Springs is home to year-round beautiful weather, there are some days that require a little extra warmth for your pool. At SWFL Pool Solutions, we offer the best services and sales of pool heaters in Bonita Springs. Adding a heater to your pool can help increase the enjoyment of your investment. When you’re looking for the best services, maintenance and installation of pool heaters in Bonita Springs, you can count on our team at SWFL Pool Solutions.

What are my options for pool heaters in Bonita Springs?

These days, there are many options when it comes to pool heaters in Bonita Springs. Our experts at SWFL Pool Solutions work with the most popular pool heater types, including:

  • Gas Heaters
  • Electric Resistance Heaters
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Heaters

Each type of pool heater brings various benefits and features to your pool. Electric resistance heaters offer affordable pricing and environmentally friendly operations. These heaters use electricity to generate heat through currents. Gas heaters are another inexpensive option, they heat pool water quickly by burning gas to create heat which is distributed through copper coils.

Many people today are choosing heat pump pool heaters in Bonita Springs. There are heat pumps which can pull heat from the air, or geothermal ones which depend on a water source. Solar heaters are another energy efficient option, they use solar panels to bring heat to your pool. Unsure of which pool heater is your best fit? Our professionals at SWFL Pool Solutions can help you find the one that offers your most important features!

Who repairs and maintains pool heaters in Bonita Springs?

At SWFL Pool Solutions, we’re proud to offer complete services for pool heaters in Bonita Springs. In addition to new pool heater installation services, we also work with complete repair and maintenance needs. Different heater types have varying needs when it comes to routine maintenance, and many older systems can require complex repairs. Our experts at SWFL Pool Solutions are here to help keep your pool heater in great shape!

Looking for a new pool heater? Searching for the best pool heater maintenance and repair services? It’s time to call on our experts at SWFL Pool Solutions! We can install, repair and maintain all sizes and types of pool heaters in Bonita Springs. Pool heaters are a great investment to help increase the enjoyment of your pool. It’s time to make your pool enjoyable, any day of the year. It starts with the best pool heater services. Call us today!

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